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Blackseed from Ethiopia - 100g

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Black cumin seeds from Ethiopia. Quality seeds for cosmetic and food use. Also known as habba sawda and habbachia.


It is recommended to consume maximum 1 teaspoon of blackseed.

How to store

Store the seeds away from sunlight and at room temperature.

Technical information

Origin: Ethiopia
Quantity: 100 g
Scientific name: Nigella Sativa
Other names: Black cumin, Black seed, Cultivated Nigella, Habba Sawda, Habachia, Kalonji

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  • Hair loss

    Blackseed contains very beneficial properties for the hair. It prevents hair loss, hydrates and nourishes hair, promotes growth and gives it shine and luster.

  • Skin problem

    Black seed has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and skin regeneration properties. It can help with acne, psoriasis, eczema, scars and more.

  • Allergy

    Blackseed can help improve allergy symptoms like allergy to pollen, to dust mites, to animals and more.

  • Diabetes

    It was found that black seed is effective for lowering blood glucose levels, preventing hyperglycemia, glycated hemoglobin, an increase in insulin level in the blood.

The best of its kind

The best seeds you can find on earth are laying just here, waiting for you to retrieve them. These seeds from Ethiopia contain a high level of Thymoquinone, which is the main active ingredient in blackseed.

Choqa in its natural habitat