Terms of Service


The present general terms and conditions (The Conditions) govern the obligations between the client and BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV. By browsing the website of BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV, or requesting an order or service, The Conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the client.


Supplementary agreement: Any agreement which is additional to the general conditions set out here.

Cooling-off period: This is the time the consumer has to exercise his right of withdrawal.

Day: This is a calendar day.

The client: is the consumer or natural person who concludes a distance contract with BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV. This person is acting for private purposes and is not acting in the capacity of a professional or on behalf of a company. May also be referred to as ‘the consumer’.

The enterprise: BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV is the enterprise in these general terms and conditions. This is the natural or legal person who offers services and/or products to the consumer at a distance. May also be referred to as ‘we’.

Remote agreement: This is an agreement that is concluded without a representative of  the enterprise and the customer in the same room.

Right of withdrawal: The right which the consumer has to withdraw from the agreement within the minimum legal period for services or remote sales.

Intenseed: The brand name of the enterprise, which may be used alternatively and as a substitute for BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV throughout the website, other documents and communications.


Name of the company: BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV
Location of the company: Leuvensesteenweg 613, 1930 Zaventem
Business ID number: 0766.390.664
VAT ID number: VAT BE 0766.390.664
Trade Name: Intenseed
Email Address: contact@intenseed.com


The Conditions are intended to define the customer’s rights and provide information regarding his or her obligations when entering into an agreement with the enterprise. The customer cannot derive any rights from The Terms and Conditions which go beyond the minimum legal provisions unless explicitly and personally communicated to the customer otherwise.


The Conditions apply to any offer and agreement made by BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV and the client.

The Conditions are valid for any remote agreement concluded from the use of the website. The Conditions are deemed to have been read and understood by the client. When the customer does not understand a part of The Terms and Conditions, he can request further explanation from the entreprise about the scope and content.

If a clause of The Terms and Conditions is not considered legally valid, this does not affect the other clauses of The Terms and Conditions. These continue to apply.

The rights specifically derived from The Terms and Conditions – and in particular the right of withdrawal – only apply in the case of a remote agreement.


The agreement and The Terms of the agreement are deemed to be accepted when the customer places an order. When the agreement is made and the representative of the enterprise and the customer are not present in the same room then this remote agreement is deemed to have been concluded.

The customer can then withdraw from the agreement in the manner described in The Terms and Conditions and within this time period. The customer can use a standard withdrawal form, which can be used optionally when the customer wants to exercise his right of withdrawal.

The contract shall be deemed to be completed when the customer has accepted the product for which he has placed an order, or a person who could reasonably be considered to have the authority to accept delivery has accepted it.

Any visible or qualitative defect or damage must be notified to BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV as soon as possible and no later than 7 calendar days.


The Offer has a limited validity period and is made under the rights and obligations derived from The Terms and Conditions. No rights may be derived from obvious errors or mistakes in price, description, or stock.

BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV makes an effort to draft The Offer accurately and completely and represents the services or products offered by the enterprise. Images and visual material give a true representation of the offer.


The indicated delivery time of the product or service is only indicative unless explicitly and personally communicated otherwise to the customer. No rights can be derived from the stated delivery time.

The delivery method will be determined by the company unless the customer explicitly chooses – whether or not at a charge – another delivery method either proposed by the company or permitted by the company.

The cost of the delivery method will be communicated by BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV in advance, unless the client gives his express consent to an increase or decrease in the delivery charge, which will apply throughout the execution of the contract.


The delivery times indicated on the site are indicative and do not lead to any commitment or compensation. BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV undertakes an obligation of the best intents to deliver the goods within the legal deadline. In the event of force majeure (non-exhaustive: new legal provisions, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.), this legal deadline may be exceeded. This does not lead to the right to compensation.

The consumer is responsible for correctly filling in the delivery address and other relevant data. If the shipment has gone wrong due to an error of the customer, BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV will not be responsible for damage or (partial) loss of the order. If the customer has not provided sufficient information for the delivery to proceed correctly, we will contact the customer if possible. The delay of delivery caused by the customer can never lead to rights or compensations for the customer.

Should a client receive a product that is not the same as the ordered product, he must inform BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV within 7 calendar days.

If an order is damaged or incomplete, the client must contact BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV within 3 calendar days. A suitable solution will then be sought on the basis of the facts.

In the event that the order is damaged during transport by a third party, particularly the transport company, or if the client claims that the order has been delivered, even though the tracking information indicates otherwise, an investigation procedure will be started, and an appropriate solution will be sought based on the results of this procedure.


All articles remain the property of BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV until paid for in full – unless explicitly agreed otherwise between the client and the company – even if the delivery has already taken place.


The client must handle the goods and their packaging with care during the cooling-off period. If he wants to fully benefit from the right of withdrawal, he will only be allowed to use the goods to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The goods may only be inspected and handled to the extent that would be possible in a physical store.

If the customer does not handle the goods as stipulated in the first paragraph, it is possible that the consumer’s right of withdrawal is void or that a reduction in value will be applied.


When the customer places an order on intenseed.com, he has 14 calendar days to revoke this agreement, counting from the day of receipt of the order by the customer, or by someone who is reasonably considered to be acting on behalf of the customer.

When revoking the agreement, the customer will be refunded the purchase price plus the shipping costs incurred for the shipment to the customer, unless he has not chosen the cheapest shipping methode. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to the company. The customer is expected to inform the company of the exercise of his right of withdrawal. This can be done by emailing the company, preferably to contact@intenseed.com

In order to receive a full refund, it is important that the customer returns the items in their original condition and with the original packaging. This includes returning all accessories, instruction manuals, and any promotional free items. If, due to the customer’s actions, the product has lost value through damage or use, the company can hold the customer liable and claim compensation for the loss in value, as long as it was caused by the customer’s actions that went beyond the normal use of the item necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods.

The right of withdrawal does not apply in the event that the goods are custom-made for the customer, or specially ordered for him.

The Enterprise will reimburse the Customer with the same means of payment with which the Customer made his payment unless the Customer gives his express consent to reimburse by another means of payment.

The Customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for:

  • the delivery of products manufactured according to the Customer’s specifications, or that are clearly intended for a specific person and therefore have an individual character;
  • the supply of products that spoil in a short time or with a limited shelf life due to the nature of the product or its necessary storage method;
  • the supply of sealed products that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene;
  • the supply of products which, after delivery, are by their nature mixed with other products and cannot be separated;
  • packaging that is sealed;
  • the delivery of digital content other than on a tangible medium, but only if the implementation of the digital content by the consumer has already begun with an explicit prior consent of the consumer and the consumer has declared that he is not entitled to invoke his right of withdrawal


This provision is in addition to the Right of Withdrawal.

It is possible to return the purchased goods and obtain a refund of the amount paid. For this purpose, the following conditions, cumulatively, must be met:

  1. The goods have not been used beyond the mere testing of function and conformity.
  2. The goods are returned in the delivered condition without having been mixed with other goods.
  3. The goods are returned in their original packaging whenever possible.
  4. The goods must be returned within 14 days and, optionally, BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV must be informed of this in writing by a durable medium such as an e-mail.

The consumer returning the goods shall bear the cost of returning them at his own expense and risk. It is recommended that the goods be sent back with tracking and insured.

The goods are sent to Address: Leuvensesteenweg 613, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium.

Within a reasonable time of receipt of the goods and following inspection, if they are returned according to the cumulative conditions, BUSINESS EXPRESSED BV shall make a refund using the same method of payment as chosen by the client.


Contracts between the company and the consumer to which these general conditions apply are governed by Belgian law, unless otherwise provided by mandatory law.